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This week there has seen some healthy exchanges between UDC members that somehow got derailed by unexplained intolerance. The last national UDC conference held on the eve of elections proposed that after the 2019 general elections, UDC should consider a more cohesive form of cooperation.

The proposal was simply for the loose coalition of cooperating parties to merge. This was not a proposal from BCP, BNF or BPP. It was an innocent proposal from the delegates that we consider a more permanent union that guarantees operational efficiency. There was no single dissenting voice and the proposal was adopted through a resounding acclamation.

There are good reasons for and against merging the parties. Personally, I am in favour of merging the parties (including AP and BPF) into a single formation but I know it’s a complex

mission that will have its own challenges. I know how difficult it was for BCP to accept having to part ways with its symbol and colours for it to merge with Botswana Alliance Movement.

What is of concern to me is for comrades on one side of the debate to tell the other side that if they don’t accept their position, they should leave UDC. Let’s learn to persuade each other through sound reasoning and not threat of divorce. We need each other all the way to victory and beyond. Divergent ideas are a feature of progressive organizations.

The debate on whether or not we should merge is not a deal breaker.

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