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• First Motswana woman to head a mining company in Botswana
• One of youngest female Managing Directors world wide in the mining industry
• Has over 22 years of experience in mining
In May of 2018, Lucara Diamond Botswana made history by promoting Naseem Lahri to Managing Director of Lucara Botswana in the process becoming the first Motswana woman to serve in this capacity for a diamond mining company in Botswana and the youngest female to run a diamond mine in the world.
The Company, Lucara owns the Karowe Mine which is globally recognised for its unsurpassed history of producing the largest diamonds in the world. Lucara Botswana is itself owned by a Canadian multinational, Lucara Diamond Corp. which is headquartered in London, UK.
Lahri who hails from Moshupa is a well-rounded accomplished professional Accountant with 22 years’ experience as an Accountant and Strategist. 17 years of which she served in the mining industry.
Prior to joining Lucara Botswana, Lahri spent 10 years working for Debswana Diamond Company in its Corporate Finance Department where she held various senior management positions and as such participated in large scale strategic projects with national impact. These included Morupule expansion (the region’s largest coal mine owned by Debswana), the acquisition of Orapa Turbines, the construction of Secure transfer facility, Cut 8 (the expansion of the Jwaneng Diamond Mine) and Debswana’s Shared Services implementation just to name a few.
The exposure she received at Debswana provided the first female executive with a great platform to transition well into the Chief Finance Officer role at Lucara Botswana. She served as Lucara Botswana’s Chief Finance Officer for 5 years and was responsible, among others, for the Company’s Finance, Administration and Security functions.
"My performance in the industry has led to my name being mentioned in global magazines such as Forbes Magazine and the New Yorker as the youngest female to run a successful diamond mine in the world and being described as a trail blazer in the industry." she added.
To date Lahri has had the fortune of sitting on various boards as a director in some of the leading organisations in the country. This includes serving as a Director of the Debswana Pension Fund, Botswana Accountancy College and Pula Medical Aid. She currently serves as a Director at First National Bank, Botswana’s largest commercial bank.
"My advice to women who want to venture into mining is this: ‘mining is a cutthroat environment and in order not to lose momentum and focus;
• Work hard
• Never give up
• Keep your eyes on the prize
• Remember you can achieve anything you want with determination and focus;
• Nothing is impossible. The sky is not the limit;
• You can achieve anything you put your mind to and
• Always believe in yourself and if someone doesn’t see your value move on’
On this note the world is your canvas. Make your mark." Lahri said in conclusion
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